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 Trevor Drury
— @indiebandguru

Trevor Drury is a singer songwriter and a story teller whose music connects with each listener in a unique and individual way. Stylistically, Trevor’s music is best described as pop, flavored with elements from indie rock, jazz, blues and R&B. His musical influences run the gamut from Radio Head to Elvis Presley, along with a variety of genres. Drury’s writing is evocative without ever grounding itself in such specificity that the listener can’t engage imaginatively with his words. His music is designed to resonate with listeners and has a first class polish that’s difficult to forget and impossible to ignore. 

Born in Tucson and raised in San Diego, Trevor began playing piano at eight years of age when he began pursuing music with a passion and inspiration not often seen in one so young. He later went on to study music and vocal performance at San Diego State University where he began writing his own music. Trevor's musical influences include artists like Radio Head, Harry Styles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Panic In The Disco. He enjoys a wide range of genres which is likely responsible for his unique sound and style of writing. 

Trevor is a solo artist who writes, plays, sings and produces everything he creates. Trevor's first album, The Start, was published in May 2016. Building from the success of his first album, Drury was picked up by Kobalt/AWAL. Trevor's next project, A Year Of My Life, is currently underway. The first single, I Know You From The 70's, was debuted on The Huffington Post in Aug. 2017 and has received great press reviews. The next release, Trip To The Water debuted in Oct. 2017 to even more fanfare. As one reviewer describes Trevor's music, "It's about the human condition and it's where you go to find peace and tranquility." Snowy Nights was released in Nov. 2017 and the official music video is on VEVO. One reviewer wrote, "There’s a near narrative of sorts defining the lyric. It's autobiographical suggestiveness brings us a feeling of intimacy while the words retain enough overall meaning that any adult who has shared its experiences will likely connect with Drury’s writing. It’s worth noting that Drury composes his own material in a genre and style often dominated by producers and brings a level of credibility to what he does, far outstripping the achievements of many contemporaries." 

Trevor Drury is a talent growing with passion and reach with each new release, and his future as both a performer and songwriter continues to grow brighter with boundless promise. He has come a long way from the eight year old boy who began pursuing music as a passion, and the inspiration in his soul is audible to anyone open minded enough to listen. 

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I hope that my music becomes part of someone’s “life soundtrack.” To write something that inspires another, that gets them through the day, that is unique to them, something they can rely on, something that transcends me. That’s where the art is.
— Trevor Drury




In addition to being a professional recording artist, singer/songwriter and producer, Trevor Drury is an international model who was the men’s face of Tom Ford in the 2016 fall campaign, worked with such notable designers as Hermes, Robert Geller, Timo Weiland, Malan Breton, and has graced the pages of Details Magazine. Trevor currently is with Ken Harvey Management, New York Models (NYC), Elite Models (Paris), Sight Models (Spain), Supa Models (London), and State Models (Los Angeles). Trevor is an expert writer for Backstage Magazine and his articles addressing music and modeling can be viewed on the press page. Trevor enjoys traveling and has experienced many countries including, England, Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Fiji, Belize, Mexico and the Caribbean. 

In his free time, Trevor enjoys skiing, playing the piano, writing music, philosophy, museums, movies, good food, beaching it with friends and just hanging out. Follow Trevor on his social media accounts to get a behind the scenes view of what life is like as an international model and musician in NYC.