Trevor Drury, Musician


Trevor’s musical influences include artists like Radiohead, Harry Styles, and Elvis Presley - a wide range of genres which is likely responsible for his unique sound and writing style. Drury’s first album, "The Start", was released in 2016.

The first song Trevor ever wrote, "Shallow", came to him as he was entering his math class in college. “For some reason I couldn't get it out of my mind,” he states. “So I ditched my class and found a piano – and it just seemed to spill out.”

Other songs like "Childhood Friend" and "Water in the Cafe" he describes as coming from a past life, or a channeling of someone else's experience. To this day it is Trevor’s most intense songwriting experience.

Music video for Jealousy ©2018 Trevor Drury

Music video for Snowy Nights © 2017 Trevor Drury

A Year of My Life

Trevor's new album "A Year of My Life" is being released as an EP in July 2017 with the full album by December 2017. This latest album explores life – the beauty and pain of first love as a young adult while living and modeling in NYC. It takes the listener on an emotional journey through time and one's own experiences. The first single, "I Know You From The 70's" has been met with enthusiastic fan response and inspires the listener to connect with the music. Trevor Drury is a unique artist, a singer/songwriter, a piano man, and an international model. He has the ability to connect emotionally with his fans through his music, bringing them a listening experience like no other.