Gashouse Radio: Trevor Drury – Trip to the Water

Trevor Drury, Gashouse Radio

“Trip to the Water” is the latest single from musician and model Trevor Drury. The Southern Californian native has attracted a lot of attention for his stunning good looks and natural presence in front of a camera, but he’s much more than just some pleasing eye fodder and his recent singles prove that beyond any doubt. “Trip to the Water” might strike some as having an ethereal and often orchestral sound that depends more upon the accumulation of musical effects rather than any one moment that defines the song. There’s even a slightly inspirational quality to this song that’s difficult to pin down, but it has an introspective mood that may surprise many listeners. “Trip to the Water” is a memorable single from an artist who seems to be gaining artistic weight with each release and, soon, the indie scene will be far too constricting for Trevor Drury’s immense talents... READ MORE

Musician/model Trevor Drury
Rick Krusky