Razorfish: Trevor Drury - I Know You From the 70’s

Trevor Drury, Razorfish music review

Sleek, sophisticated modern pop seldom comes better than this. Trevor Drury’s single “I Know You From the 70’s” comes at you with the sort of intelligence and artistry we seldom hear anymore and heralds a new peak for a performer who can’t be pigeonholed. Drury’s reputation as an in demand model shouldn’t be some sort of stumbling block for serious listeners because, even a few seconds into this track, it becomes readily apparent that this young singer has something deeply personal and substantive to offer modern audiences. The song’s production values are quite high and studied, but there’s effortlessness to how everything unfolds that makes this tune stick in your head from the first listen and leaves you wanting more by its conclusion. It’s obvious that Drury’s collaborators on this track knew exactly how to frame his strong voice and they surround it with a sound that is both dreamlike and immensely lyrical.  

The dreamlike and lyrical nature of the song announces itself from the beginning. There’s very little of the conventional approach here that one might find in similar efforts and, instead, Drury clearly shows this song off as an profoundly intimate reminiscence about a past love from the beginning. Contrasting a sparkling keyboard surface with clear as a bell piano lines gives us something to hang our hats on from the beginning and it is joined by the light press of a bass pulse hanging in the background and bringing everything back to earth in a pleasing way. The song opts to press the dreamlike aspects even harder during the bridges and strips everything away in order to highlight Drury’s voice during those moments. He’s joined by an assortment of spectral backing voices when complement his work quite nicely. Those voices make important contributions during the verses, but they give him particularly marvelous support during those aforementioned bridges... READ MORE

Rick Krusky