ALBUM REVIEW-Trevor Drury drops new single

When you’re truly, madly in love with another person, the mere thought of living life without them is like considering a life where there is no oxygen to breathe. In your mind, it simply isn’t possible survive without this person, just like you can’t survive without air. But being stripped of your oxygen so that someone else can breathe it instead? This is a rage-inducing notion. Losing your lover and then watching that lover become someone else’s is a stinging, destructive experience that will drive any human being to absolute madness if not remedied through the proper channels. With the complexities of these matters being inarguable and not restrictive to one portion of society over another, it takes a brilliant songwriter like indie jazz/pop sensation Trevor Drury to convey these feelings into song. And it’s safe to say that he has done just that, as his new single “Jealousy,” a delicious slice of anthemic spite... READ MORE

Dana Drury