Indie Music Review: Trevor Drury – Trip to the Water

Style, artistry, and entertainment. Trevor Drury is a young singer/songwriter whose been honing these qualities since first developing a passion for music at a young age and his pursuit carried him far from his musical childhood into higher education and beyond. His physical gifts have also allowed him the opportunity to enjoy a successful modeling career, but notoriety in that realm has always taken second place to his true love. The latest single from this Southern California native, “Trip to the Water”, shows immense stylishness, a structured and sophisticated approach to delivering its message, and packs enough pizzazz to draw in a large audience of new and old admirers alike. Drury, despite a relatively brief musical career so far, brings us different sounds with each new release, but there’s a commonality stretching across those recordings. Trevor Drury is intent on conveying himself to the audience with eye and ear catching flair, but always has something intensely real and meaningful to offer anyone willing to accompany him on the journey... READ MORE

Trevor Drury
Rick Krusky