Indie Music Review: Trevor Drury – Trip to the Water

Trevor Drury is an intense musician, and he’s also an international model who’s graced the pages of Details Magazine and worked with such notable designers as Hermes, Robert Geller, Timo Weiland, Malan Breton, and Tom Ford. Born in Tucson, AZ and raised in Escondido, CA. When he was 8 years old, his mother bought him an electric piano. He began taking lessons and soon became thoroughly obsessed with the art. He later went on to study vocal performance at San Diego State University. Music has remained a constant passion in his life ever since. Trip To The Water is his latest single, out oct, 20th.

The roots of every artist aren’t always easy to hear just by one song to exemplify where they get their songwriting prowess from, but Drury comes close to his most influential, or at least those influenced by them. For instance, in his case it starts with influences which include artists like Radiohead, Harry Styles, and Elvis Presley. He combines them and adds his own southwestern sauce. But if you listen real closely he also resembles modern singer-songwriter and folk artists without merely copying them. This is becoming a lost art, so Drury succeeds at bring some of that back... READ MORE

Trevor Drury, recording artist
Rick Krusky