Backstage: 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Modeling Career

Model Trevor Drury, Backstage Expert

Backstage Experts
by Trevor Drury

Throughout my experience as a professional model, many people have asked what my job is like. Usually I tell them about all the fun bits—the “fantasy” part of being a model. And it definitely can be fun. But in order to have the fun parts and also have a successful career, you’ve got to know how to conduct yourself. Here are four important points you can apply in order to help create positive experiences, expand your career, and get the most out of your modeling:

1. Maintain control of yourself and your schedule. 
In this industry, you will typically get to experience a sense of total freedom. Not only will you be away from your family, but you’ll most likely be in a part of the world you’ve never been to before. This freedom can be tempting and overwhelming, and there is a learning curve to it. Most models start out very young: girls can be as young as 14-15 and most guys start around 17-19.

Having this kind of freedom at such a young age is a privilege, but make sure to stay on a decent schedule and remain in control. Have fun, but don’t go crazy. Use discipline, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat well. That way, you can show up on time and give the client your best efforts. Your agency will be impressed and take you more seriously. As a result, they will likely send you to the best clients. And those clients will see your maturity, which could translate to some serious jobs and serious pay.

2. Treat modeling like a business. 
The modeling industry is based on relationships. If people like you and your look, they will hire you. But your look is not everything. You’ve got to present yourself well—mature, good attitude, and easy to work with. By presenting yourself well, you can build a good reputation and relationships with your agency and clients... READ MORE

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