Huff Post: New Music Review: “I Know You From The 70’s” – Delightful Single From Trevor Drury

Trevor Drury, Huffington Post

Trevor Drury recently dropped a new single, called “I Know You From The 70’s.” And it’s lit! Hailing from Escondido, CA, Trevor is not only a talented singer/songwriter, but an international model, appearing in Details Magazine and working with designers like Hermes, Tom Ford, Robert Geller, Malan Breton and Timo Weiland.

Stylistically, Trevor’s music is best described as pop, flavored with elements from indie rock, jazz, blues and R&B. His musical influences run the gamut from Radio Head to Elvis Presley, along with a variety of genres. When composing music, he often feels as if the music simply spills out, as if coming from some outside source. 

Huffington Post, Trevor Drury: New Music Review

“I Know You From The 70’s” starts with a soft synth, followed by a crisp piano and a steady, solid groove that displays a light industrial feel on the bridge. Sidestick provides the primary percussive element. The melody rides the piano and emanates a minimal sonic essence that’s shaded with hints of Latin jazz, pop and a dreamy orchestral impression. Trevor’s vocals remind me of a young Harry Connick, Jr., especially in his inflection and phrasing, which are excellent. The background harmonies reverberate with light, bright effectiveness, while adding depth to the tune... READ MORE

Rick Krusky