Gashouse Radio: Trevor Drury – Snowy Nights

Trevor Drury, Gashouse Radio

Arizona born and California bred singer/songwriter Trevor Drury’s new single “Snowy Nights” capitalizes on the success of his recent singles “I Know You from the 70’s” and “Trip to the Water” while striking an artful seasonal note for listeners. It continues a musical journey beginning at eight years old with his first introduction to piano, studying vocal performance in higher education, and discovering more and more how songwriting could serve as a means of self expression. The songs constituting his musical output so far reveal him to be a versatile talent capable of exposing himself melodically, musically, and lyrical. His songs possess an identity lacking in many of his contemporaries and it comes through in a song like “Snowy Nights” with an utter lack of self indulgence and effortless confidence. His work has a maturity and intelligence reaching far beyond his comparatively few years and the near boundless appeal of this single signal that even brighter days are to come... READ MORE

Musician Trevor Drury
Rick Krusky