Indie Music Review: Trevor Drury – Snowy Nights

“Snowy Nights” might have a wintery theme, but Trevor Drury’s latest single is far from a crass attempt to cash in on the season. Its timely release is, indeed, a bit of shrewd and obvious marketing, but even a single pass through this song should convince even the most jaded of listeners that the track comes from a very personal place for Drury. It doesn’t come through in just his vocal and the songwriting, but in the inviting and warm sound he invests the song with. There’s an unique atmosphere surrounding the recording imbuing his voice and the minimal instrumentation with resounding clarity and a sense of gravitas appropriate to the seriousness he shows taking on the material. It’s a powerful composition in every respect and continues to solidify his rapidly expanding reputation as one of the most promising talents on the modern pop scene... READ MORE

Trevor Drury
Rick Krusky