Skope Mag: Trevor Drury - "Snowy Nights"

The personality and winning charisma emerging from Trevor Drury’s new single “Snowy Nights” illustrates yet again, for any remaining doubters, Drury is far more than just a fresh pretty face on the pop music scene. His preceding single releases “I Know You From the 70’s” and “Trip to the Water” each marked a significant leap forward in commercial and critical recognition and the new song goes a long way towards consolidating his standing as a compelling major force in the making with legs to sustain a long career. One gets the feeling listening to “Snowy Nights” that Drury is certainly interested in entertaining his audience and impressing them with a recording of immense musical beauty, but even a cursory listen to the lyrics and noting the care he exercises in delivering them, it’s impossible to not believe Drury is attempt to transcend the every day in song and make intensely personal statement resonating with an universal human quality... READ MORE

Trevor Drury, Snowy Nights
Rick Krusky